Kista Pita Suara

Herybertus Andi,Kemang
Dear Doctor, I have check that there are cyst ear my voice string and therefore i can not produce voice, only whispering sound. By that, is there any solution without surgery to my illness. Please advise. Thank you


Apabila yang Bapak maksudkan adalah kista pita suara, tidak ada solusi lain selain operasi. Sampai saat ini belum ada pengangkatan kista yang dapat dilakukan hanya dengan obat, karena kista harus dibuang dengan operasi.

If you mean that you have a cyst in vocal cords, the only treatment option for cyst is surgery. A cyst can not be removed only by usage of medicine, it needs surgery.

dr. Chippy Ahwil, Sp. THT

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