RS Pondok Indah – Jakarta Selatan has the permit for Liquid Waste Disposal in 2005 and achieved the Piagam Penghargaan Gubernur DKI dalam Ketaatan Pembuangan Limbah Cair from 1999,  2000, 2001. 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005.

Since 2006, Radiology Department has used theDiagnostic Radiology service system, from Conventional Radiology to Computed Radiology. This ensures that no more processed waste is produced, since Conventional Processing Film is substituted with Laser Printing Film.

Very Satisfactory Result in Environment Management DKI Jakarta

RSPI – Pondok Indah again achieved the award in Environment Management DKI Jakarta Year 2012 with Very Satisfactory Result from the Governor of DKI Jakarta, Mr. Fauzi Bowo. This achievement is awarded based on criterias of environment management and handling in daily hospital operations, including Toxic and Hazardous Waste Management; Air Quality; Garbage Management; Social, Cultural and Economical Assessment; and Liquid Waste Management. RS Pondok Indah applied combined anaerobic-aerobic / aeration process, in which effluent waste conformed with standards in Kepmenkes RI No.1204/MENKES/SK/X/2004.

Moreover, RSPI – Pondok Indah achieved PROPER or the Award for Assessment of Company Rating in Environment Management from the State Minister of Environment, Prof. Dr. Balthasar Kambuaya, MBA, in 2011.


RS Pondok Indah – Jakarta Selatan achieved the Piagam Penghargaan Walikota Jakarta Selatan, First Winner of Penilaian Pengelolaan Lingkungan in 2004 and Piagam Penghargaan Gubernur DKI Jakarta as Pembina Lingkungan Terbaik II to conserve the environment in 2004.

In addition, RS Pondok Indah – Jakarta Selatan achievedPiagam Penghargaan Gubernur DKI for Pembangunan dan Pemeliharaan Taman / Paru-Paru Kota in 2002.